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        To eradicate generational poverty.

Entrepreneurship .

The Joseph Business School is a premier Christian business school that prepares kingdom minded entrepreneurs. Starting or managing a small business is a journey that includes you wearing a number of hats at the same time: fundraiser, marketer, salesperson, leader and janitor. You are well able and so it means you need to learn specific skills in a number of business areas. We know that all education begins with God’s word as the foundation. At Joseph Business School we combine traditional business skills, biblical principles and prayer to equip you to engage the marketplace from a Christian perspective. Our program is divided into (3) terms covering conventional topics such as Business Opportunities, Legal – Business Formation, Marketing – Sales, Accounting, Finance, and Information Technology/E-commerce. We elevate your experience by equipping students to build a bible-based foundation for their businesses that is guided by faith and prayer to produce exponential results.

Justice Reform (Transformation) .

At R.I.S.E. (Restoring Inheritance Stewarding Excellence) we believe that successful reentry planning begins pre-release. Therefore, our goal is to develop a working relationship with program participants before life begins again back in their community. As such, our services are designed with this mind:

1) WE SPECIALIZE IN ASSISTING THE HARD-TO-EMPLOY: We work to connect potential employees to solid opportunities for anyone looking for work with and without backgrounds!
SUPPORTIVE SERVICES for HOUSING, CLOTHING, MENTAL HEALTH, ANGER MANAGEMENT, STATE IDENTIFICATION, EXPUNGEMENT: We work on your behalf to partner with trusted and effective support services that work quickly!

2) EDUCATIONAL REFERRALS FOR ADULT EDUCATION & ENTREPRENEURIAL TRAINING: Through the Joseph Business School Department of Continuing Education & Professional Development we provide access to basic education, workforce skills development & entrepreneurship.

3) WORKFORCE PREPARATION – PRE-PREPARATORY WORKFORCE TRAINING, RESUME DEVELOPMENT, INTERVIEWING STRATEGIES:  We offer pre-preparatory skills training to assist with the transition from a desire for a job into gainful employment.

Business Development .

The Illinois Small Business Development Center at the Joseph Center was one of the first faith-based SBDCs in the United States. It is a member of a powerful statewide network of resource providers for emerging business sponsored by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (IL-DCEO). The Illinois SBDC-ITC and PTAC at The Joseph Center is a vital asset for business owners, providing one-on-one business consulting, business training, workshops, and assistance to support both emerging and established entrepreneurs in achieving their business goals in three distinct areas:

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PTAC (Procurement Technical Assistance Center):

Illinois Procurement Technical Assistance Centers are a portal for small businesses looking to enter the world of government contracting. The centers provide one-on-one counseling, technical information, marketing assistance and training to existing businesses interested in selling their goods and services to local, state, and/or federal government agencies.

Services Include:
• Help targeting appropriate government agencies
• Automated bid lead matching services
• Access to government specifications and standards
• Guidance with quality assurance issues
• Assistance with certifications
• Identification of Sub-contracting opportunities
• Bar Code and Packaging Information
• RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
• UID (Unique Identification)
• Contract Administration Information
• System for Award Management (SAM) Assistance
• Review of Bid Packages


SBDC (Small Business Development Center):

Provides entrepreneur development assistance, access to industry market research, access to capital, industry growth tools, and innovation support.
Services Include:
• One-on-one business advice and management assistance.
• Assistance with the development of business plans.
• Help with accessing market information and the development of marketing plans.
• Assistance with accessing business financing programs.
• Assistance with financial analysis and planning.
• Access to business education and training opportunities.
• Specialized services in technology, innovation and entrepreneurial development.

ITC (International Trade Center):

Provides assistance with international trade and exporting. We offer information, counseling, and training to existing and new-to-export companies interested in pursuing international trade opportunities.

Services Include:
• Evaluation of company’s readiness to export
• Access to foreign market information
• Documentation assistance
• Automated trade leads
• Linkages with trade representatives
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Workshops and Seminars

The Illinois SBDC-ITC and PTAC at The Joseph Center offers workshops covering a wide variety of topics conducive to business success. Our monthly business start-up workshop helps emerging entrepreneurs understand how to start a business with increased probability of success. Other seminars and workshops offered include teachings on marketing, business financing, government procurement, patents and trademarks, e-commerce, contracting/sub-contracting, and real estate topics.
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Wealth Creation .

And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.

Psalms 1:3

The state of financial wellness is low; complexities of financial markets are at an all-time high; and the consequence of financial illiteracy devastates the unprepared. The Wealth Creation Center in the Joseph Business School was created to educate students in concepts of personal finance and money management in order to eradicate generational poverty.

The Bible tells us in Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” In these series of workshops students will develop the skills and strategies that promote personal and financial responsibility related to financial planning, savings, investment, and charitable giving in the global economy. By positioning ourselves as the hub for financial educational opportunities, we desire to provide students with viable and sustainable financial education that will improve their overall quality of life. In disenfranchised and underserved communities where escalating violence threatens to decimate entire neighborhoods, the subject of poverty and lack of financial education needs to be front and center.

The people we serve face unique financial circumstances and challenges. With this in mind, we’ve created customizable workshop kits that are focused on varied — yet specific — audiences. Our goal in doing this is to allow access to a better financial future for our communities, eliminating poverty while establishing wealth for future generations. Through the Wealth Creation Center, we endeavor to provide as many resources as possible to encourage financial freedom.
Courses offered within our workshop series include:

 MONEY 101 (Income, Budgets, Saving)
 DEBT FREE LIVING (Destroying Sacred Cows)
 REAL ESTATE (Primary, Income Property)
 INVESTMENTS (Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds and much more)
 TAX PLANNING (Working the System)

Innovation .

The Carver Innovation Center is the manifested vision of our leader and visionary Dr. Bill Winston, named in honor of the great African-American scientist, inventor and agricultural genius, Dr. George Washington Carver. Carver said that when he entered his laboratory, which he called, “God’s Little Workshop,” he would instantly be inspired to create something new.

The vision of the Carver Innovation Center is to enable creators, inventors, small businesses, and hobbyists to use their imagination to bring their ideas to life using innovative equipment and resources. The center is designed to meet these needs by providing state-of-the-art equipment and training that makes rapid prototyping and product fabrication accessible. This equipment includes a Stratasys 3D Printer (for making prototypes of new products); a Universal Laser System to cut and design on a variety of materials that includes but is not limited to wood, stone, glass, and acrylic; and a Roland Vinyl Cutter, the ultimate companion for print and cuts jobs. As the space continues to grow, so will our list of equipment availble to the public.

The Carver Innovation Center can support you in brinning your ideas into reality through a variety of services. We offer free consultations with engineering and business experts to help you move forward with your ideas that you are passionate about. To get foundational knowledge and hands-on experience with our equipment we host trainning workshops reqularly. For someone not inclined to learn about the equipment for themselves we also offer some on-demand design and fabrication services. We are able to accomodate a wide variety of individuals or groups from the solo entrepreneur developing the prototype for their next big product to school groups looking for hands-on and engaging STEM workshops.